9. A few more changes…

The quest to make the 914 the way I want it continues. Competing in the sprint showed how unsupportive the stock seats are – you sit on them, rather than in them, so you tend to bounce around and slip from side to side when cornering hard. One of the big problems with swapping the seats in a 914 is the lack of available width, a problem compounded on the driver's side by the location of the handbrake alongside the seat. 

If I am to compete in hillclimb and sprint events in the future, it was obvious I'd need to swap the seats for some which offered more lateral support and had provision to run full harness seat belts. However, I didn't want a seat that looked too modern and out of keeping with a car that dates back to the 1970s. In the end I opted for the Cobra RSR seat, which is loosely based on the Recaro seats used in race and rally Porsches in the early- to mid-1970s. Installation proved straightforward: I used a 400mmx400mm piece of 4mm aluminium sheet which bolts across the original seat runners, and the seat then sits on top of that (well, bolted, not just sitting...). This retains the factory fore-aft adjustment on the stock runners, as well as the factory tilt facility. 

I am not that tall, so don't need to run the seat too far back, so the back cushion is not a problem. However, if you're taller than me, you may need to remove the rear bulkhead padding to allow the seat to move back further. The stock seats belts work fine with them but I am installing full harnesses for competition use. I like the seat so much, I've ordered another for the passenger side, too.


The other change I've made, for no reason other than I like the look, and there's nothing wrong with that, is to install a pair of Cibié Iode fog lights. These are period perfect and were purchased from a sales website in France. They're connected up to the factory wiring loom used to power the original driving lights which were discarded when fitting the new lightweight bumpers. I think it looks great – maybe not everyone's taste, but too bad! It's my car, after all… Have fun!